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Altoona- IBPC Award for March 2013
The Improbabilities of Flight- IBPC Award for February 2015
Lights Near Adler Planetarium- IBPC Award for July 2015
One Thing- Poetry Circle/ Front Page

Hatalii- Pilgrimage Vol 37 Issue 3
Between Four Sacred Mountains- Pilgrimage (Vol 37 Issue 3)

Mastodons Rise to Be Carried Away- Midwestern Gothic (Vol 9 Spring 2013)
The Weight in his Pocket- Midwestern Gothic (Vol 10 Summer 2013)
Small Engine Repair 1954- Midwestern Gothic (Vol 10 Summer 2013)
Governor John Swainson-- Midwestern Gothic (Vol 12 Winter 2014)
My Best Friends Cousin- Midwestern Gothic (Vol 14 Summer 2015)
Whether They Believe It or Not- Short Fast and Deadly (Fall 2013)
Klaatu Barada Nikto- Thunderclap (Issue 8)
Museum of Imponderables- Iodine Poetry Journal (Spring Summer Issue 2012)
Perimeter - Black Heart Magazine (Noir Issue)
Sliced Bread- Main Street Rag (Vol 17 No 1)


All About Earning Forgiveness- Random Sample

Anchored- Flying Island

on jade melmac- Indiana Voice
Old Harry's Greed- Indiana Voice
Rockhound- Indiana Voice

Milking- Fourth & Sycamore
Red Sunfish Cabin- Fourth & Sycamore

Apocalypse- One Sentence Poems
Regression Therapy- One Sentence Poems
Three-Legged Dog- One Sentence Poems

There is Drinking and a Huge Disco ball- 1947
Traveling in Space Among Painted Debris- 1947
Standing Before a Queen with Little to Offer- 1947
The Ponderings of a Hypothetical Man- 1947

Goodwill- The Lake
Grand Trunk Railway HO Scale- The Lake

Eisenhower's Unfolding America- Tower Journal
A Call from the Panhandle- Tower Journal

The Day the War Begins- Gravel
The Steerage- Museum of Americana
where the river divides- Currency
arachnophobia- Four and Twenty
considering heaven- Four and Twenty
Scarecrow-Four and Twenty
Life and Death-Four and Twenty
Rock, Paper, Scissors-Four and Twenty

That Monkey- Misty Mountain Review
On the Subway from Brooklyn- Right Hand Pointing
Favicon- Right Hand Pointing
Indiana- Right Hand Pointing
Stickman Dance- Clutching at Straws
Palimpsest- Postcard Poetry & Prose
Blue Room- Postcard Poetry & Prose